CIGEV, area gerontology: Research on Lifespan, Multidirectionality and Plasticity – Director: Matthias Kliegel

Healthy ageing

Projects in this research area:

Life Course Mechanisms of Well-Being and Health in Old Age

In this project we investigate the life course determinants and mechanisms that help to preserve well-being and health in old and very old age.

Lifetime Social Adversity and the Ageing Brain

The project “Lifetime social adversity and the ageing brain” focusses on the impact of lifetime socio-economic status on age-related cognitive performance and brain health. It aims at creating and validating a generative model for the estimation and prediction of the relationship between lifetime social adversity and age-related cognitive decline.

Methodologies and Data Mining Techniques for the Analysis of Big Data based on Longitudinal Population and Epidemiological Registers (LONGPOP)

European societies face rapid social changes, challenges and benefits, which can be studied with traditional tools of analysis, but with serious limitations. Owing to population ageing across Europe, countries are now experiencing the impact of these rapid changes on the sustainability of their welfare systems.

Physical Activity & Ageing Lab for Cognitive Health (PAAL-CH)

Ageing involves major changes, particularly in cognitive abilities and physical health. It is well established that processing speed and executive functions decline with advancing age during adulthood. Inhibition processing seems to have a particular influence in cognitive performance in a variety of cognitive domains. Falling is also a common event for older adults, which can result to serious consequences (e.g., hospitalization, loss of functional autonomy, injury-related death).