CIGEV, area gerontology: Research on Lifespan, Multidirectionality and Plasticity – Director: Matthias Kliegel

Characterization of the influence of emotion on memory across the life span on the biological level


With project 1, we aim to develop novel behavioral paradigms to gain a better understanding of the influence of emotion on memory across the life span on the behavioral level. Using these novel behavioral paradigms, we aim to go a step further in project 2 and characterize the biological correlates that underlie emotion’s influence on memory at different ages.

What happens physiologically when an emotional event occurs that may influence how memory for the event and its element and context is formed? What role do stress hormones play therein? What happens on the brain level?

We plan to assess the biological underpinnings of the influence of emotion on memory for the elements and the context in which an emotional event occurred at different ages with experimental studies.


This project will conduct experimental studies at different ages to better understand the biological processes underlying emotion and age influences on memory. These studies will include psychophysiological methods (e.g. measurement of heart rate) as well as neuro-imaging.