CIGEV, area gerontology: Research on Lifespan, Multidirectionality and Plasticity – Director: Matthias Kliegel

Group Ihle: Cognitive Health and Well-Being across the Life Course


This interdisciplinary research group investigates cognitive health and well-being from a life course perspective. Specifically, in the first project we study the accumulation of cognitive reserve through multiple sources of cognitive stimulation over the life course and its detailed role for preserving cognitive health in later life. In the second project, we examine how different factors across the life course enable certain individuals to maintain a relatively high level of well-being and health, even in very old age. One major focus in these projects is to investigate how the detailed processes leading to sustained cognitive functioning, well-being, and health in old age vary by individual difference characteristics and context factors. We are a network of Swiss and international colleagues from different disciplines including psychology, sociology, economy, demography, sport science, medicine, and technology to tackle the multidimensional facets of these research lines.


  1. Life Course Pathways of Cognitive Reserve
  2. Life Course Mechanisms of Well-Being and Health in Old Age