Max Lovey

Max Lovey


+41 22 379 89 14

Research interests

  • Social policy — Public administration — Capability approach

Thesis projet

  • The action against the non-take-up of social benefits: a capability approach


  • Socioéconomie des politiques sociales — teaching assistant (2019-2020)
  • Socioéconomie des inégalités — teaching assistant (2020-2021)


  • Master degree in Socioeconomics — University of Geneva
  • Bachelor degree in Political Science — University of Lausanne

Publications in the open archive


Other publications

  • Bonvin, J.-M., Lovey, M., Rosenstein, E., & Kempeneers, P. (2021). Social policies put to the test by the pandemic: food banks as an indicator of the inadequacies of contemporary labour markets and social policies. In M. Pomati, A. Jolly, & J. Rees (Eds.), Social Policy Review 33: Analysis and Debate in Social Policy, 2021 (1st ed., pp. 95–114). Bristol University Press. https://doi.org/10.2307/j.ctv1tqcwr7.10
  • Bonvin, J.-M., Lovey, M., Rosenstein, E. & Kempeneers, P. (2020). La population en grande précarité en période de COVID-19 à Genève: conditions de vie et stratégies de résilience. Research solicited by the Colis du Coeur foundation

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